British Libyan Business Association (BLBA)

The British Libyan Business Association (BLBA) was launched as a business triangulation organisation to promote trade and investment between Libya and Britain in a non-discriminatory and non-political manner.

We are an active, intuitive and content-rich voice for British and Libyan companies who are, or desire to, conduct business activities in either country, its committee and members are all actively involved and engaged in business in Libya.

The BLBA works closely with government, strategic industry partners, sponsors and members to remain relevant and agile for the benefit of British and Libyan business interests and owners.

We welcome companies and business people who are enthused by the opportunities that both countries present but are unsure as to the commercial and social frameworks involved. Our aim is to support our members allowing the sharing of best practises, the removal of obstacles to success and the promotion of productive, mutually beneficial commercial engagement

Social Networking Platform

Through our social networking platform that focuses on developing commercial links and business we support our members and their guests with a busy business social events calendar and an extensive network within Libya and Britain.

We seek to understand our members priorities so as to help identify business opportunities and collaborations creating a true ecosystem for new and established companies pursuing business in and between Libya and Britain

Providing a clear, unambiguous route to market for our members.


To re-establish meaningful engagement between Libyan and British commercial entities to discuss and identify market access barriers and resolve any obstacles to success

To establish a range of services for our members to ease access into Libya (and vice versa) so that there is a clear understanding of matters such as visa entry, commercial law, fiscal planning, partnerships and engagement with the relevant commercial community

To establish special interest groups (SIG’s) that unite Libyan and British entities with common (sector specific) objectives and goals

To organise and facilitate focused inward investment and business group visits from the UK into Libya and vice versa



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The British Libyan Business Association

Facilitating commercial engagement between Libya and the United Kingdom