The British Libyan Business Association aims to be recognised as the leading impartial Libya-focused business sector association supporting UK companies, NGOs and public sector organisations.

The British Libyan Business Association was launched in 2022 to promote trade and investment between Libya and Britain in a non-discriminatory and non-political manner. Its founding members all have significant interest in Libya and wish to enhance the UK’s role as a major trading partner

The association is an active, intuitive and content-rich voice for British companies doing business with Libya and vice versa for Libyan companies, its committee and members are all actively involved and engaged in business in Libya.


Jon Hancock
Jon HancockChairman
Alex Breingan
Alex BreinganFounding CEO
Esra Shaglouf
Esra ShagloufBusiness Manager
Ayoub Alshawish
Ayoub AlshawishHead of PR
Khaled El-Kanuni
Khaled El-KanuniHead of Special Interest Group – Security.


The Association works to create and sustain a favourable business environment.

The Association strives to assist and introduce new trade and investments to both countries that can benefit and enhance the common economic interests of our member companies.


Recently, our members have noticed a trend, shifting from collaboration to seeking personalised support and customised guidance.

In response, we are adjusting our approach to better serve their needs by focusing on providing customised guidance. At BLBA, we remain agile and committed to supporting our members in their unique goals.

The British Libyan Business Association

Facilitating commercial engagement between Libya and the United Kingdom