Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Elhouni, the Director of the Anti-Tax Evasion Department. Today, I had an insightful conversation with Mr Omar Abdalla Elzarroug, the Deputy Director General of the Tax Authority, regarding the digitalisation of the tax system.

During our discussion, Mr Elzarroug highlighted the Tax Authority’s key objectives for the future, which include:

  1. Developing a comprehensive strategy to digitalise and connect the tax system to streamline day-to-day operations.
  2. Updating the Constitution and Legal Framework to ensure compliance with the latest regulations and industry standards.
  3. Enhancing, training, and expanding the human resources within the Tax Authority to improve efficiency and productivity.
  4. Upgrading the existing infrastructure to support digitalisation to ensure the smooth running of the Tax Authority’s operations.

With these goals in mind, the Tax Authority aims to facilitate prompt tax payments. However, Mr Elzarroug acknowledged that achieving these objectives will require significant hard work and determination.

Overall, I am confident that the Tax Authority is on the right track to achieve its goals and will continue implementing the necessary changes to support its mission.

The BLBA is committed to supporting the Tax Authority’s journey towards realising a modern and digital tax system, and thanks to Mr Elzarroug for the pleasant meeting.

Alex Breingan – CEO BLBA