Tripoli, Libya, May 15, 2023 – The British Libyan Business Association (BLBA) is delighted to announce a productive meeting with the Libyan Business Persons Council in Tripoli on Monday, May 15th. This encounter marked a significant milestone in fostering bilateral relations between the two entities.

During the meeting, the BLBA and the Libyan Business Persons Council engaged in constructive discussions regarding the participation of private enterprises in Libya’s major projects, which aim to enhance Libyan society and foster economic growth. The exchange of ideas was invigorating, showcasing the dedication and strategic vision of Libyan business leaders across diverse sectors.

Building upon the shared objectives and positive momentum, both parties expressed their commitment to further dialogue and collaboration. The BLBA and the Libyan Business Persons Council are eager to explore avenues that effectively serve the commercial interests of both British and Libyan stakeholders through proactive engagement and mutual cooperation.

This latest development is yet another testament to the growing relations and strengthening ties between the BLBA and UK businesses. The BLBA remains dedicated to facilitating fruitful partnerships and driving economic prosperity for both nations.

About the British Libyan Business Association (BLBA):

The British Libyan Business Association (BLBA) is a prominent organization committed to promoting and facilitating bilateral trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Libya. With a strong network of members and strategic partnerships, the BLBA serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to explore opportunities in both countries.