At Civil Aviation Authority, German ambassador discuss efforts to enhance aviation safety

Haftar meets with Russian Deputy Defense Minister in Benghazi

European Union: We support efforts to reintegrate former fighters in Libya

WB delivers report on Storm Daniel damage assessment to GNU

NOC directs its companies to provide urgent solutions to groundwater crisis in Zliten

After a ten-year absence, the new Japanese Ambassador arrives in Tripoli

Leaders of Libya’s Central Bank, Audit Bureau and NOC discuss increasing oil production

What military advantage could Russia get out of Libya?

Dbeibah announces major oil sector investment plans

Libya discusses its investments in Chad

Spanish company SDLE leader arrested for alleged sale of drones to Rada’a militia in Libya

Italian firm Deepblue Energy Services is exploring opportunities in Libyan energy sector

Khalifa Haftar cosies up to Nigerien junta with Putin’s blessing,110154752-eve

Japan sees recovery in the local security situation in Libya – resulting in reopening its embassy in Tripoli

Libya: for the United States, economic recovery is linked to the energy supply chain

Tripoli International Book Fair to be held after ten-year hiatus

Libyan-Turkish-American agreement to build bitumen factory in Libya

AmCham Libya organises Libyan health delegation visit to U.S

Technical assistance needed to prepare water strategy in Libya

Italian Company Eyes Energy Explorations In Libya

NOC Assigns Huge Sahara Pipeline Project To Oil Invest

Food and Drug Control Centre rejects shipment of counterfeit Renpol Extra cough syrup shipment from India

Close Malta air space, sea to weapons of war: NGOs, individuals urge government

African Leaders Must Find Ways to Encourage Ongoing Oil and Gas Investments

Libya, Water strategy soon to be revised to me to climate challenges

Libya seeks review and development of its investments in Rwanda

Libya, Malta discuss cooperation and joint oil exploration initiatives

GECOL announces first gas turbine at Tobruk power plant is connected with electrical grid

EU-funded Libya Startup launches a new business incubator in Benghazi

Hweij meets Egyptian companies at Libya Food Expo to discuss business challenges

Boosting Access to Finance in Libya: Central Bank of Libya (CBL) Approves a New Legal Framework for Libyan Credit Information Centre

Italy fears Russia is planning to establish nuclear base in Libya

Libya declares state of extreme emergency over groundwater crisis in Zliten

Dbeibeh: Libya is at war against traffickers

Egypt’s Bahna Engineering ready to resume work on Libya’s rail project

Dbeibeh, Meloni discuss developments of activating friendship treaty between Libya and Italy