Dear Members and Partners,

We are delighted to announce that the Libyan African Investment Company (LAICO) has officially joined the British Libyan Business Association (BLBA). This strategic partnership is essential in strengthening business ties between Libya and the United Kingdom. We are confident that this alliance will lead to mutual growth, prosperity, and success for both organisations and their members.

As a prominent investment firm in Libya, LAICO brings a wealth of experience and resources to the BLBA. Their extensive knowledge of the Libyan market and expertise in various sectors, such as finance, hospitality, agriculture, and real estate, will provide invaluable insights to BLBA members seeking opportunities in the country. LAICO’s participation in the BLBA will not only enhance our understanding of the local business environment but also contribute to the development of sustainable investment strategies for the benefit of all members.

The BLBA, with its strong presence in the United Kingdom and Libya, offers LAICO and our members more than just a diverse network of British businesses and entrepreneurs. We provide comprehensive support, resources, and guidance to help our members navigate the complexities of international trade and investment. In addition, our association is dedicated to promoting bilateral trade and investment, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration, and enabling businesses to seize opportunities in both countries.

By joining forces with LAICO, the BLBA will create exciting new opportunities for Libyan and British businesses. We are committed to working closely with LAICO to organise events, webinars, and workshops to enhance the understanding of the business landscapes in both countries, ensuring that our members are well-equipped to thrive in these markets.

LAICO and the BLBA will work towards a brighter future for British-Libyan business relations, driving economic growth and prosperity for all members.

Warm Regards,

Jon Hancock


British Libyan Business Association