AfDB forecasts robust economic growth for Libya in 2024

American company inspects construction site of oil refinery in southern Libya

CBL participates in the first meeting of 2024 with the United States Agency for International Development.

Egyptian companies say ready to establish new factories in Libya

Erdogan, Sisi meeting to boost reconstruction in Libya: Libyan minister

UN envoy says Libya will slide into `disintegration’ if politicians don’t move toward elections

Menfi reiterates priority of national companies in developing Hamada oilfield

With no embassy in Tripoli, Russian diplomats set up shop at Radisson hotel,110158850-art

Tripoli government urges Italian company to put forward vision for solving Zliten’s rising groundwater level crisis

The volunteer rescuing a forest from drought in Libya

The 4th International Banking, Insurance and Investment Exhibition will take place between 20 to 24 February at the grounds of the Tripoli International Fair

Libyan leaders entrenched in the status quo and it ‘seems to suit them,’ UN says

NOC counts on SLB to meet Hamada oil field deadlines,110160370-art

LAIP’s OLA Energy achieves ‘‘record profits’’

Libyan Tractors and Agricultural Supplies Joint Stock Company hold a meeting with Italian SAER Company to discuss possible investment partnership

Tripoli government urges Italian company to put forward vision for solving Zliten’s rising groundwater level crisis

NOC reports $1.7 billion in oil and gas sales for January 2024

Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Aims for Hostile Takeover of South African Hospitality Group

Libya’s polluted coastline is a symptom of state failure

Shippex Libya 3 exhibition will be held in Misrata from 29/6 to 2/7

28 Tunisian companies made presentations at Libyan-Tunisian Trade Forum in Benghazi

Rolling Factory For Iron Bars Expands Production With British Specifications

Libya and Ghana Join Forces to Establish African Investment Bank in Tripoli

Groundwater upsurge floods homes in Libyan coastal town

Parallel government cancels February revolution celebrations in solidarity with floods victims

Royal Air Moroc delegation inspects Mitiga airport for the possibility to resume regular flights

Presidency Council head Menfi strikes down NC7 Hamada oilfield deal with foreign consortium as burden on the state

Minister of Industry and Minerals discusses cooperation with E&Y in industrial and technical innovation

Wagner Group is now Africa Corps. What this means for Russia’s operations on the continent

Libya’s Dbeibah government ‘will be the last transitional stage’ in country

Iraq Signs Agreement With Libya To Enhance Youth Sector

Tripoli Government Criticized by HoR for Oil Deal with Eni, Turkish and Emirati Companies

NOC discusses cooperation with Siemens in maintenance services.

LIA reviews procedures to reduce negative effects of sanctions imposed on it

Return to Libya: New acreage opportunities attract Indian oil and gas players

NOC Launches First Phase of Million Tree Planting Campaign to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Libya’s NOC condemns accusing Brega Company of oil smuggling activities