In recent weeks, the BLBA has been delighted to provide its members with support services as part of their membership benefits. We continue to be committed  to delivering the best possible service to ensure our members success in cross nation commercial endeavours.

Although administration services, life support, and security advice are critical, the BLBA’s greatest satisfaction has come from providing its members with access to its social wealth and credibility. By leveraging these resources, we have facilitated meetings between our members and validated targeted entities, resulting in productive outcomes that have provided members with the greatest benefits. We take pride in our ability to assist members in achieving their objectives and look forward to continuing to support them in their endeavours in both Libya and the United Kingdom.

Pursuing commercial opportunities in Libya can be simplified and affordable with proper planning, support, and local advice. The process can be smooth as long as the right resources are utilised.

Adhering to prescribed processes and systems, working with validated entities, and having a focused pre-planned agenda can achieve important momentum in just a few days. With these measures in place, the necessary steps for operating in country can be streamlined and expedited, resulting in a more efficient and effective process.

The British Libyan Business Association supports all its members operating in Libya and the United Kingdom.