Dear friends,

The British Libyan Business Association, humbly implore you to hear the plea for assistance emerging from the East of Libya as it stands on the brink of an impending catastrophe.

It appears that the gravity of the situation has yet to fully engage the consciousness of the international media. We beseech you, therefore, to wield your power as journalists and broadcasters to shed light on the dire circumstances that are unfolding there.

To the international governments that have, for various motives, been entwined in the Libyan fabric for years, we implore you to momentarily set aside your political agendas and forge a united front in support of Libya. The time has come for us to transcend our differences and work collaboratively to extend a lifeline to an area in turmoil.

To the international NGO’s and humanitarian aid agencies, we earnestly beseech you to mobilise your supporters and converge your efforts in solidarity. Now is not the time for inquiries and verdicts; now is the time for compassionate action.

In unity, we will find strength, and in this crucial moment, Libya simply needs your help.